Sunday, 22 February 2009

remains awlays a piece of me !!

continuing ..

" It is not so much our friends' help that helps us as the confident knowledge that they will help us . "

sharing your soul with your friend does not necessarily mean the abandon of a fraction of your own , let us ask ourselves why have we chosen that certain person to become a friend ?!

because he possesess particular features that makes you admire him and look up to him ! , then when he becomes a part of your soul , he supplements your soul with his own virtue rather than taking a part of your soul or abolishing it !! .. and even when they're gone , this part inside of you will remain !

a friend is a gift , he in never a harmful factor in your life or a cause whatsoever for you to eliminate YOU , he is only a gift that helps you get over life peacefully !!

a good friend , I define , is the one who brings out the best in me ..

you may agree , and you may not .. but I am certain that deep inside , you believe in friends ..

you believe that they are angels watching over us , comforting us , and escorting us on the right path , which we will stride together till the end !!
it shows , in the last couple of weeks that I really appreciated my friends , and now only that they're far away I've known the value of their absence !!

my words may be just a temporary fear that makes me shiver deeply since I've just parted with my friends , and they may fade with time .. for time erases , or shall I say " sedates " the agitated sorrow of farewell , but .. they have never been , not for even a fraction of second , anything but deeply sincere and honest !!

" :: A friend is one who knows us , but loves us anyway :: "

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

You can always make me smile !!

All my life I thought that evrey single one of us is totally capable of dealing with life on his own ,
is capable of facing any obstacle without an outsider's help , even though I couldn't do that all the time , still I believed in it ..

what could any person grant me that I could not provide for myself , I've always thought so untill I got to know something called Friends !!

You , alone , cannot End your lonillness .. you cannot sedate the pain you cuased yourself ..
and certainly you cannot manage to solve a trouble you got yourself into ..

Friends help when the problem you're facing is you , you can't do that by yourself ..

or is it just the fact that you got used to somebody and he became a peice of your soul that makes you think you can't part him and that only he is the remedy to all your pains ..

It might be .. that what I used to believe in in the beginning is true , but those outsider who broke into my life touched me deeply and became a vital fraction in my heart , that I can't imagine a single moment of my life without them !!

they gave me help that is beyond giving , and in every moment that passes by , now after we're far away , I still feel a deep sensation of agony not to have them around anymore like I used to ..

I swear I smile when I remember them . to be honest , I shed a tear .. then I smile :)

to be continued ..
(too much emotions to be put in one post)