Wednesday, 26 August 2009

That's what friends are for .. !

hard times in life are inevitable , we can't handle them by ourselves .. too hard , too lonely .
we all need some shoulder too lean on when life is cruel to us , and it does get cruel so many times that u get so frustrated that things will get better somehow .

and at that time you wish there's someone standing by your side , watching you cry , patting you on the shoulder , smiling this peaceful smile that say : " don't cry , this will be over .. you will get over this , I'm right here for you .. I'll never leave you , you can find me here whenever u need me , that's a promise " .

these words can't heal pain , don't mend broken hearts , and certainly don't bring back lost people , but they are somehow magical that you can't help but smile when you here - even though you might not be happy - and then you are just so confident that everything will be set straight no matter what happened , how painful it is , or how despearte you are . you just know that having a friend by your side in these miserable times will be what you need so you can take a step ahead and try , to overcome life .

life is a struggle that we can't face unless we're holding someone's hand in ours , my hand is always out for this person , I owe him too much .

and I promise , from the bottom of my heart that I will hold his hand whenever he feels like surrendering to life's endless obstacles !!
and I do believe that promises are sacred and are Not meant to be broken ..