Sunday, 17 April 2016

My first visa

Just got my first visa, for the US, for 10 years!!

Friday, 1 April 2016

When you order your food on the bus ride home from work to save time, and 10 minutes later you realize you're on the wrong bus, you get off at a random stop coz you have no phone battery to ask for Waze's help or anyone's for the matter. And it's too late to find buses around to take you back to the right route.
Meanwhile the delivery guy arrives at your door and calls for you to open the door, first time the delivery arrives 15 minutes later, like EVER .. but you're on a different planet as far as you know. He agrees to meet you half way wherever you are, not coz he understands your predicament, it'd be too embarrassing to share that, but just coz he's kind enough and apparently has nothing to do. Anyways, you have to find the closest ATM coz you don't have any money on you, yeah Murphy's a bitch, and when you finally meet him you have to pay him a very huge tip coz you feel bad for dragging him around the streets for 30 minutes.
Eventually you go back home all sweating and panting from all the running and eat your meal cold while thinking: "well that was fun".